FREE for 15 mins (normally 90% querries are answered in this time)
16 minutes to 30 mins Rs. 500/-
31 minutes to 60 mins Rs. 1100/-
Only one horoscope will be seen at a time
Ask questions on one subject a time.The person willing to show horoscope will have to come in person.
Native will have to write down the question on a paper. (one main question + 2 additional questions if time permits). Question not written will not be answered. Astrologer may not answer any querry without giving any reason. The paper will be returned to you immediately after the meeting.
Any of your details, querry, consultation will not be disclosed unreasonably, whether you ask for it or not. 
All the consultation shall be given on prior appointment only
Consultation available on Hastarekha, Kundali, Vastu, Occultism and allied subjects
 Consultation available on how to earn more, have better health & relations without any cost

Any person who is poor, unable to pay, old in age, dependent on others, widow or divorcee in some difficult circumstances, victim of some situation, may not be charged. But this person should put his request prior to consultation to Benign Guruji. Even if some person does not put a request and Guru ji finds it appropriate the amount charged may be refunded to that person, but it may not be claimed, it will be the entire discretion of Guru ji only.

Though Astrology, Palmistry & Vastu Consultation is a divine work and hence no charges should be taken from any person for any such consultation, but since Kaliyuga has come and people make undue crowd without genuine issues therefore charges have been kept so that only a deserving persons may seek consultation from our Benign Guru ji.

Since it is a subject in which a single question may be discussed at length for hours, some resonable charges have been kept for general category to limit such discussions. Even a person has a capacity to pay any amount, he may not be given more than two hrs at a time in a day.

None of the predictions are assured to any of the clients on any cost because it is a divine science and the almighty God has all the powers to change ones destiny at any point of time despite all his blessings if a person crosses certain limit in his or her Kriyaman Karma. Pls recall story of Hiranakashayap, he was blessed for long life in so many ways but suffered & met his end due to resons known to all. Thus no predictions may be taken for sure & used for astro legal purposes.

The predictions are given only on the astronomical study of nine planets, now we are considering three more planets i.e. Harshal, Neptune & Pluto, but there are innumerable celestial bodies in the sky which are still unaccounted.
 Today so many learned people are into study of Astrology, including IAS/RAS officers, judicial officers, Doctors, Engineers, Charted Accountants,

Why predictions should be taken? Because you come to know that all your karmas are paid for sure. So one should do good karma only and follow path of truth and honesty. It teaches you that one should work, because hard work is the only key to success, but leave the results on almighty god. It never teaches you to sit idle & wait for good luck to come. It gives you a direction to work, a reson to face the present, plan and achieve a bright future.